The Modu Bat is a fashion design project set in motion by Katalin Antxia (Aretxabaleta, Gipuzkoa, 1988). The name of the brand means one way in basque language. And in this case here, one way of understanding aesthetics :

01. MINIMAL DESIGN : A fine balance between simplicity and classicism, inspired in a minimalist way of life.
02. NATURAL FABRICS : Only controlled natural fabrics. Waste and environmental encumbrances are reduced to a minimum.
03. EXCLUSIVE : Our shirts are made by KA at The Modu Bat workshop in France. Sewn one by one. If you do not find your size, KA can tailor it to you !
04. DURABLE : Our creations are well thougth out designs that are both practical and long lasting.
05. CONSCIOUS : We believe in you because your role in developing socially and environmentally aware fashion is essential.

*10€ shipping Europe. Free delivery from 150€ of purchase.